How to Create a Customer For Life: Marketing Lessons

I just received a package in the mail today – my first order with this company – and with one simple gesture, they created a customer for life! Their marketing strategy is brilliant and as a marketing person it makes me happy.

As a designer, I’m fulfilling a personal obligation to create personalized artwork as gifts and for decoration in my office: canvas printed art. canvas prints PPC ad

I first looked at Costco but their canvas sizes were awkward and a bit pricey. With a quick Google search for ‘canvas prints,’ I came across (This is proof that PPC still has a use! As an inbound marketer I like to think that everyone ignores the paid ads, yet I can’t find this site on organic results so I must have clicked the ad; it is #1 in the advertised position. Here I was thinking that I only clicked on organic results….)

Not only were their prices better than Costco, their step-by-step print customization and uploading process was very simple. (I admit I did look at one other site to compare prices but they were listing $30 canvas prints for $6… Some things are too good to be true and I was afraid I might only get as good as I was paying for…). gift cards
A gift for me and a gift for you!

I liked that they were competitively priced (this is not always the best market for a business to compete on, but as consumers we are all looking for a deal), had a well designed website (aesthetics do matter) that looked professional, and had a very simple order process. I was very happy and even publicly “Liked” their page and shared their site on my Facebook wall (social media for the win!) but was holding judgment until I actually received my final print.

In the end, what really matters is the quality of the product I received. If it had been bad, then I would have learned my lesson about going to unknown sites. Instead, it turned out extremely well! A gift I will be proud to give or hang in my office.

But that’s not all! They made me a customer for life because my order came with two $10 gift cards to use on their site again. They even have a little message that says:

So how does it work?
The top card is for you to use and the bottom card is to be gifted to someone special. Simply detach across the perforation and fold along the crease – then watch it instantly transform into a greeting car with a gift card contained inside! Now, just add a personal note and you’ve got a great gift to pass on!

Why 2 cards?
Well, we know it’s a little strange but we figured it wouldn’t be fair to just send one for gifting or just one for personal use – so, after lots of brainstorming (and coffee and doughnuts), we came up with the One for Me and One for You™ gift pack. We hope you like it!

Do the cards have an expiration date?
Well, that just wouldn’t be fair would it? Take your time – we’re not going to rush you!

Making moments last a lifetime..

Canvas4Life.comCute huh? They also chucked in several business cards and another flyer but getting money back with my first purchase is awesome! They shared their reasoning in a smart and funny way so that I would not be suspicious of why they would give two. It is a brilliant marketing to help get their name spread amongst my friends. I’ll do one better and write a blog! I love sharing examples of good marketing…it makes me happy inside.

So now I have two $10 gift cards. If I’m feeling generous I may even give one away… If at least 5 people leave comments on my wall or blog post within the next few days, I’ll pull a name out of a hat and give one away!

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