Dishonest Link Building Techniques

Let’s talk SEO (search engine optimization).

Link building can be can be a difficult part of search engine optimization, however, it’s one that can greatly benefit your site when done well. As we’ve discussed on the blog previously, there are various SEO strategies and within that, link building techniques. As Google comes out with more algorithms refining search results, strategies either gain or lose relevance and usability.

“Any link building pattern that appears non-standard, unnatural, or manipulative will eventually become a target for advancing search algorithms to discount.” (Moz)

Let’s take a look at what not to do when building a link profile for a site.

Link Comments

Using other blogs’ and sites’ comment space to advertise your site

This is a strategy that may seem harmless, but in the long run it has no benefit for your site traffic. It seems like a good way to refer people to your site, yet it actually keeps people away. The problem with this is when people see a link in a comment, they automatically assume it’s spam. Many sites now have filters to catch these “spam links.” Creative spammers will use the space for “name” in leaving a comment to put a link to their site. Commenting on another site is a great way to engage and network, but using it as an advertising space will be fruitless in the end.

Buying Links

Paying for services to build SEO credit

This is a flat-out bad idea. This is known as a “Black Hat” SEO strategy because it’s a shady, manipulative technique. Paying for links is different than using link building as part of a larger SEO strategy. There are companies that offer specific text links that will boost your SEO ranking. Google is known to penalize link builders and sellers, so we advise to avoid this tactic at all costs. Save your money and your sites reputation; don’t purchase links.

Link Farming

Automated services to gain higher ranking through links

Link farming may have begun with good intentions, but is now labeled as a form of spam. Link farming is the process of loading your site with links; it takes much time and in the end may be fruitless. This is often seen as cheating because it’s shortcutting the natural way of building links and traffic to your site – you obviously have so many links that they were planted rather than built organically. Check out this About Tech article if you are unsure if a site is offering link farming.

Be aware of SEO and marketing strategists touting these techniques. Some of these are outdated techniques that have proven faulty (like link farming) and others are wrongful tactics.

Don’t worry, there are good strategies out there. Use quality, inbound links. Use relevant links. Use updated links. Fix broken links. Provide intelligible comments on other sites.

In short, you want your site to be trustworthy. Therefore, use trustworthy ways of gaining traffic through links. The saying by Bill Gates, “Content is King,” still stands in the SEO world today. An authentic and efficient link building strategy is one that simultaneously supports the design, layout, and content of your website. Don’t settle for anything less.

Get in touch with us today to discuss honest SEO strategies that will benefit you! At Designflair, we implement Google analytics to see what your site is doing for your company. We’ll take a look at your website’s traffic and track patterns. Building online traffic naturally and honestly will protect your company’s reputation.

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