EcoScape Landcare – An Antioch-Based Landcare Company

Recently, I finished the initial work for EcoScape Landcare. This included business cards, brochures and a small website to get their name out there. They have years of experience in the landcare industry but are only just starting this company on their own now.

Ecoscape landcare business cards - alameda & contra costa county
The business card has a relaxed yet professional tone with highly saturated colors and whimsical grass across the bottom.

They wanted to convey this experience while also creating a more personable brand that is both environmentally friendly (by creating more sustainable garden areas that require less water) and community focused.


They chose the bright vibrant greens for the refreshing tone and a modern clean style.

Ecoscape landcare style guide choices
The final choices of style direction that EcoScape Landcare chose from the style guide I created.

EcoScape Landcare required a website immediately so that they had a stronger business presence while approaching new customers. While their basic requirements were just to have information about them available online, I made sure to include an easy to reach contact form on every page in order to encourage customer interaction at the very moment the visitor was ready.

With a greater timeline and budget, this process would be thoroughly planned out and implemented to create a strong lead generation and lead automation funnel.

Ecoscape Landcare Website - An Antioch-Based Company
EcoScape Landcare required a site immediately so that they had a web

Visit their site at:

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