Website Automation – Creating a Successful Client Acquisition Process with Less Work

Have you considered your sales process from the customer angle?

I’m sure you have, but have you really thought through the emotions they are going through as they search for your product/service? What about how they feel when they actually make the purchase? The trepidation (or hope) as they first discover you, the excitement as they learn more about how you can help them, the confidence as they purchase…and then possibly some doubt if they made a larger purchase, or even better, anticipation as they get to start!

People buy because of emotion, and how you make them feel, but those emotions are found throughout the research & purchase process, as well as the post-sale process. How do you welcome your customers?

It’s funny. As I was writing this article, I checked my personal email and found this email in response to a purchase I made yesterday:

Customer Engagement Email 1

Customer Purchase Follow-Up Email 2

As a consumer, now that I’ve spent the money, I’m excited to get my products as soon as possible and take a step towards even better health. This is just a fun little touch point to let me know they are working on my order, but also have a greater community and sense of purpose in their company.

Many companies send an updated email with delivery details, but it’s so impersonal. A message like this excites me that my order will be arriving soon.

Pre-Customer Engagement

Your website is one of the most common ways that customers find you…whether it’s because your marketing is focused on being found in search results, you get referrals who visit your website, or you receive links from other sites that people may be visiting…they are all visiting your website to learn more about you and whether your product is right for their needs.

Here’s what a sample customer engagement process might look like:

  • They visit your site and find a free guide that answers their questions
  • You email their guide to them
  • You follow up with an email 1 day later, asking about the guide
  • You send another email 2-3 day afterwards with more information related to their problem
  • You offer them an opportunity to take the next step in learning more/solving their problem

Post-Sale Engagement

After you’ve made the sale, it’s now your turn to deliver. But how can you also continue to build that customer relationship that has already been started. Based on how you serve your clients, there will be different messages that you can approach them with.

A product sale follow-up will be thanking them for their order, giving them an update of shipping, and then following up with tips to get them using the product correctly, or creating the habits to bring it into their daily life.

A service sale follow-up will welcome them and explain next steps, so that they feel comfortable moving forward and knowing what to expect. You may then follow up with what you need from them to get to the next stage, and a meeting to start their services.

There is no one right way to do this, but it is important to show your personality and company philosophy within these messages. Create rapport and a relationship with your customers so that you can get to know them better and serve them at a greater level.

Not sure what this looks like for your business? I love exploring new strategy and brainstorming with new clients. Book your marketing consultation session to explore your challenges and how we can overcome them with tweaks in your marketing.

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Setting Up A Marketing System – How to Close a Sale With Ease

I recently started working with my ideal client – she is amazing!! She is an established business owner who knows her market and knows her goals in business…however, she was feeling overwhelmed in setting up her marketing to create her new program. She thought she needed 9 months to get it implemented and even that stressed her out. Now that we are working together, our timeline is 6 weeks!

Does this familiar? You know what you should be doing to market and create your lead and customer pipeline (or at least know that you should have one), but never seem to have the time to create it. Or else, it is so daunting that you put it off to the next day…and the next…and the next… suddenly it’s been several months and your marketing isn’t set up!

Imagine that you woke up tomorrow morning and your marketing was setup: your offer, your website, your newsletter was all ready to go. You had beautifully designed, effective brochures to send to your potential clients and they were asking to have appointments with you! That’s what I help my customers with – creating the systems to run smoothly, targeted to speak to their ideal clients. Let’s look at what this involves.

What Does a Marketing Campaign Look Like?

Every business is unique, yet the foundation of marketing is the same. Serve your customers and help them solve the pain that is interfering with their lives. As heart-centered business owners, we truly care about our clients and want to make a difference in their lives. However, sharing this with them can be difficult at times, especially when you are trying to create the words for your own business.

The basic areas of your marketing program should look like this, where you are holding their hand every step of the way.

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Lead Nurturing
  3. Understanding Your Client
  4. Closing the Sale

Lead Generation

This is about being found by your ideal client, when they are looking for a way to solve their problem. Whether you are a retail store, a service-based business or a B2B business, this is an important factor in growing your business.

Lead Generation is about having the information/support your ideal clients are looking for to offer service, while showing that you are the best to help them solve their problem. This can be in the form of content on your blog, videos of YouTube, and a free offer on your website for them to download that goes into greater detail.

Lead Nurturing

The next step of this process is vitally important. How are you nurturing your leads once they encounter you? Are you expecting them to buy your product/service on the first contact? That can be like expecting someone to marry you after the first date! They need time to get to know you, trust you, and know that you can solve their problem.

How do you stay in contact with your leads? Is it by email newsletters? Do you have a private Facebook group they can join? Do you continue to provide advice and tips that help them move down the sales funnel and closer to hiring you? There is a definite process to creating the right content to help support your lead.

find peace with your marketing
Find peace in your marketing with a system, and expert support.

Understanding Your Client

Now is the time when you really get to know your client – you have an intro session/initial consultation/sales meeting! You get to hear directly from them what their concerns and problems are, where they are at, what they’ve tried and if they are a good fit for you or your products.

In addition, you can prep them for this meeting by providing more information about yourself, answering FAQs, and presenting yourself as an expert resource – all before you talk! This is where a marketing system to close the sale extremely helpful. When you have all the pieces setup ahead of time, meeting with new clients and selling yourself becomes less intimidating and so much easier!

Closing the Sale

The final step in creating a customer from your marketing is to close the sale! Do you have a process that you lead them through that helps them determine whether you are the best fit for them as well?

Do you know how to close the sale authentically, with love, without being pushy? All of this can be created to help streamline your business and improve customer sales while serving with your heart.

I love marketing! If you have questions about this, or would love to reduce your stress and headaches by getting support with this, contact me.

I offer a full range of services, from one-off strategy sessions, to marketing coaching services where I advise you and create a plan of action for you to implement, to marketing consulting services where I help you create the plan and then implement it for you so that you don’t have to. That way you can focus on your strengths in your business.

3 Steps to Get Your Time Back AND Increase Your Income

“Help! I’m Spending More Time in My Business but The Results Don’t Match!”

I hear this problem often with solopreneurs and small business owners. Your business grows and there are more activities to take on throughout the day…but your income doesn’t seem to be matching the increased results.

Have you ever experienced this? I know that I have had times in my business as well like that. I was so crazy busy and had so many projects going at once, yet all I felt was stressed out rather than successful. It’s the catch-22 of being a business owner.

The challenge I find is that there needs to be more systems in your business, and focused time management in your day. These are my first tips to getting your business back on track and finding the results you are looking for.

3 Steps to Get Your Time Back AND Increase Your Income

1. Focus on your strengths (and your income producing activities)

Are you the best sales person in your team? Do you know the product best and have the highest success rate in meeting customers needs? This is where you should be spending your time and effort.

Rather than expanding your sales force so that you can spend more time managing or in the office, have you considered hiring an admin or backend support staff so that you can spend more time in the field, where you produce the best results.

Look at your tasks this week and month and write down a list of everything that you do. Then put a + sign next to every activity that leads to more income (whether a sales appointment, client check-in, generating new leads, etc.) and a * sign next to every activity that you excel at that is tied to creating more income. (You may be amazingly organized and great at filing papers, but that is not where your skills are best used as a business owner.)

2. Delegate Your Admin and Non-Essential Tasks

Delegating can seem like a tricky process. Sometimes you feel like you are hiring someone before you are ready to pay for them, but by creating the space in your day you will be able to maximize the time for more income producing activities.

This can start small…hire a VA (virtual assistant) to help with project management, email management or bookkeeping. Hire someone part-time to come into your office 1x a week or 1x a month to organize the paperwork and projects that you have running.

Sometimes in the process of expanding yourself, and creating a larger sales force, you may actually step out of the sales role. Analyze this and decide if this is the best way to delegate yourself out. To do this, often requires having thorough training process and an extensive handbook.

3. Automate Your Marketing

By this I mean that you are creating systems in your marketing that save you time while reaching more customers. Marketing is key to your business but can also be overwhelming if you take on too many activities at once (from networking, speaking, creating content, offering free guides, blogging, building relationships) then you can be overwhelmed as it all takes time.

One of the easiest marketing systems you can automate is your website and your lead funnel process. Technology today is amazing! The ability to stay in contact with your leads and continue to add value so that they grow to trust you, is invaluable!

This ranges from automating email responders, creating a Customer/Client Journey Map of the touch points and connections you have with them through the sales process, and knowing your ideal client so that your message speaks directly to them. This is my favorite part of working with any client…understanding their clients and discovering the best way to reach their ideal clients!

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