What is a QR Code? How Can It Help Me Find My Customers?

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a type of barcode that stores small pieces of information, which a smart phone can scan to receive data from. This requires a special app, but once it is installed all you need to do is snap an image of the QR code while in the application and you will receive its information.

How Does A QR Code Work?

Designflair QR Code for my facebook profile
Snap this QR code and become my friend! 🙂

QR codes can work in several ways. They can hold information for a:


  • Website URL (it will take your phone to that website)
  • Telephone number (you can add the number to your contacts or call it)
  • Text Message / SMS Message
  • Email Address (you can easily add it to your contact list)
  • Email Message
  • Contact Details – VCARD (adds their details to your address book)
  • Event – VCALENDAR (adds the event to your calender)
  • Google Maps Location (easily find directions to get there)
  • Wifi Login (Android only)
  • Paypal Buy Now Link
  • Social Media (direct them to your page immediately)
  • iTunes Link
  • YouTube Video
  • Message

How Can A QR Code Help Me Find My Customers?

Display QR codes in your store to encourage customer use
I've used QR codes to encourage visitors to join us on Social Media

The correct question is actually, how can QR codes make it easier for customers to find me?

Either question is about increasing customers and increasing sales but the real purpose of a QR code is to put yourself right there in front of them, before you lose their attention.

Here are some great ideas to use QR codes.

  • Have a page of daily specials, link a QR code to this page. Print the code on your menu and in your window for easy access by visitors.
  • Place a QR code on your product packaging or label, when the product runs out the QR code will link your customer to your online store to purchase it again.
  • Print a QR on your business card so that customers can scan your contact details directly into your phone.
  • Use QR codes in your advertisements so that customers can go directly to your site, a special landing page, or else call you immediately.

Statistics About Mobile Usage

  • Comscore reported earlier this year that 63.2 million people have smart phones.
  • 80% of searchers research online before purchasing within a 10-20 mile radius.
  • Currently, half of connections to the internet are from phones.
  • The #1 access method for local information is the mobile browser with 20.7 millions users per month.
  • 32% of searchers with internet capable cellphones search for local business information.

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