What is a Rebrand? Why Does My Business Need One?

A rebrand is the process of refreshing your business identity to better represent your company. Your business is a changing and evolving thing and over time you may discover that your logo and branding no longer represent your initial goals or else you have grown beyond your current brand message.

What is Branding?

A brand is the associations that a person will make with your company, product or service. If a brand results from a set of associations and perceptions in people’s minds, then branding is an attempt to harness, generate, influence and control these associations to help the business perform better.

Why Rebrand?

  • A shift in target market
  • An extended period of time since your initial branding
  • A temporary logo and brand was initially setup due to budget constraints
  • A need to elevate the professionalism of the brand
  • An introduction of new products or services
  • New ownership or business succession to the next generation
  • A change in product or services

Rebrand Case Study – New Logo

The most immediate example of a rebrand is my own Designflair. Designflair was first developed in college as my freelance business and had a very flowery, girly feel to it. I used the ribbon as a ways to represent the ‘flair’ of my business name and to emphasize the finesse with which I work. It was a sort of visual representation of myself (although I don’t think of myself as super girly) early in my design career.

Designflair logo and business card rebrand

When I began to work in a more professional environment, I used the opportunity to develop a cleaner, more modern logo with a bold red instead. I cleaned up the typography within ‘Designflair’ and developed the tagline “building business identity”.

The most recent iteration of my logo is actually a temporary one. It was time to bring a new image to Designflair, one that represents my growth and the further refinement of my skills these last few years. It also is a fresh start for this chapter in my business life. However, the process of designing for one’s self is always most difficult than for a client so the temporary design was created for a quick launch while we spend more time developing a fresh look and feel for the new year.

Rebrand Case Study – Branding Elements

Sometimes a rebrand is just adding some extra elements to the main branding materials. In this case, we updated a client’s stationery to improve the visual hierarchy of the information and create a stronger sense of identity.

business card rebranding

Rebrand Case Study – Same Logo, Updated Brand Identity

With another client, they loved their logo and the blue tones of their brand but it just didn’t have the depth or in the case of their business cards, the legibility they needed.

As an accounting firm but also business consultants, they wanted to create a sense of stability and tranquility related to finances. We brought in a green and cream as a secondary color and played with the depth of the blue throughout their new business cards and tax folder they give to clients.

Essential Business Concepts tax folders and business card redesign

A rebrand can range from just changing the colors on a business card, to updating the design across brochures, stationery and website to a complete redesign of the logo and corporate identity.

The benefits of working with Designflair is that we work as an extension of your company, an external marketing department and we are available to provide advice and offer these improvements to your brand as quickly or as gradually as you require.

Contact us today to learn more about how a rebrand can help your business – or if you really even need one!

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