Why is marketing so hard?

For many of my clients, the effort of on-going marketing actually pulls them away from their core competency and their main income producing activity – their business. Yet as savvy business owners, they know that marketing must be an integral part of growing their business.

It’s a struggle that many business owners have and ask: “How do I split my time between growing my business and doing my business?” And that’s the right question to ask, because marketing activities should be 50% of your day in order to grow your business.

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For some, this means bringing on extra help in the form of staff who handle the admin (and non-income producing activities) or contractors who have a level of expertise to take the projects off their plate.

Marketing isn’t actually hard, it’s more that it takes time to fine tune and it takes time to implement, it’s a skill, which can seem overwhelming to master on top of the client work that you are doing. Marketing is a precise skill that is vital for growing your business. Just because you open your doors, or launch a new website, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically get customers in your door. You need to market yourself so that they know you are there, and ready to address their needs.

Why Hire Someone to Do Your Marketing?

Clients hire me because my business IS marketing. I specialize in it so that I can help my clients be the best they can be, and attract their ideal clients, with no stress! Marketing has general best practices which are then applied in a unique way to your own business – there are no cookie cutter solutions though generic options can save on time and price.

A recent client hired me because she could trust me to take care of her ‘baby’ (her business) so that she could let go of the stress, but know that it was still being taken care of. Together, I helped her finish a major marketing project in 2 months that she thought would take 12!

What Does a Marketing Consultant Do?

As a marketing consultant, I help take away my client’s stress and fear, while also helping them increase their income and have more consistent cash flow – in less time!

Need someone to take on the hard work and dirty work of creating your marketing?

There’s the ideal client profile that you need to refine, or maybe the free offer for your website that will inspire them to reach out to you, or even the marketing funnel so that you know how to address your clients in every step of their decision making process…

It’s having the finely tuned message that speaks directly to your clients.

Good marketing is all about knowing who your clients are and how you can provide value to them while they are deciding what solution will best fit their needs or solve their pains. The process to create this takes time and concentration to understand and get into your clients’ heads.

I work with clients in the capacity that they prefer, ranging from a consultative view where I guide them on what to do, to a hybrid model of guidance and implementation, to a complete hands-on plan where I implement all of their marketing based on their input and feedback.

How is your marketing holding you back? Or how are you resisting in your marketing that is holding back your business? Let’s chat, I help my clients overcome their blocks and resistances to marketing by making it clear and easy. Message me today.

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