10 Steps to A Killer Blog – SEO Tactics and more

No matter how much marketers say otherwise, an attractive design is a significant influence to bounce rate and what visitors think of your site (yes, I had to emphasize this). Design is about making information more legible, and attractiveness is one factor that affects usability. Most of the following steps came from SEO Moz’s list on Blog Design for Killer Infographics, but a few I added on my own.

10 Steps to a Killer Blog

  1. Quality Design
    A visually appealing presentation of information significantly reduces bounce rates.
  2. Search Box
    This makes it easier for the user to find the information they are looking for.
  3. RSS Feeds
    RSS feeds allow users to follow your blog and receive instant updates without having to constantly check your site. (Personally, I prefer email subscriptions.)
  4. Breadcrumbs
    A way for users to track where they are on the site and get back to where they were – usability.
  5. Navigation
    Duh! The user must be able to explore your site easily. It does not have to be standard but it does need to be intuitive.
  6. Images
    These help with your SEO ranking as well as add visual interest.
  7. Keep It Above the Fold
    Most visitors have short attention spans and are very quick to jump from your site. You must catch their attention in their first few seconds on the site.
  8. Emphasize Your Popular Content
    Link to your best content to help visitors find valuable information and improve its SEO importance through backlinks and increased traffic.
  9. Blog Frequently
    Search engines like new content and visitors like new content. How can you lose by doing this?
  10. Focus on Keywords
    Last, but definitely not least, use relevant keyword phrases that your customers will be using to find information.

While I only discuss 10 of these items, SEO Moz created an awesome information graphic to cover their 15 most influential items to a killer blog. Check it out here:

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