4 Ideas for Creating Blog Content + Bonus Blogging Tips!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that blogs are all that anyone is talking about; everyone is using them, from large brands to nonprofits to startups. Not every business needs a blog, but blogging is an ideal platform for generating creative content and increasing your business’ visibility for search engine optimization and … Read more

What is SEO Content Writing?

Remember the days of going to the library? Maybe growing up you were fascinated with a certain topic and wanted to find books to learn more. Or recall your college days, all those awful research papers where you had to find authoritative sources. For a research paper you need a book with quality content – … Read more

10 Steps to A Killer Blog – SEO Tactics and more

No matter how much marketers say otherwise, an attractive design is a significant influence to bounce rate and what visitors think of your site (yes, I had to emphasize this). Design is about making information more legible, and attractiveness is one factor that affects usability. Most of the following steps came from SEO Moz’s list … Read more