Marketing Burnout – How to Get Your Inspiration & Creativity Back To Inspire Your Clients

As a good business owner, you know that you (or someone) should be marketing your business every day. That sounds great in theory, but it can certainly lead to a marketing burnout where you just run out of ideas or feel like you are only repeating yourself.

Below are some common problems, and solutions on how to overcome them. A little note as well, marketing works best in a high vibrational state when you are feeling inspired and creative. 🙂

Marketing Burnout - Running Out of Marketing Ideas

Run Out of Things to Say

If you’ve been reaching out to your target market regularly, it sometimes feels like you’ve said everything you can possibly say. How can you keep repeating yourself all the time?

How to solve this: First, remember that not everyone sees all of your blogs and posts each and every time. Second, you will have new eyes looking at your content over time and need to assume that they have not seen earlier content on this topic. Third, sometimes it’s timing, or phrasing your topic in a new way, that finally triggers someone to take action.

Marketing is like growing a garden; you plant the seeds and then watch as the flowers sprout up at different times and to different heights based on season, weather conditions and even their own unique chemistry.

Tired of Blogging, Posting, etc.

Marketing comes down to creating content to share that will attract your ideal target audience to you. Sometimes it feels like all you are doing is creating content. The same content. And it feels like a continuous rut.

How to solve this: It’s a good idea to regularly revisit your marketing and check that it applies to, and appeals to, your current target audience. Does it inspire them? Excite them? Make them want to work with you? Or does it answer their questions, or problems, and make them feel like they can heave a huge sigh of relief?

Block out some time to brainstorm, but not in a how-many-ideas-can-I-come-up-with type of way. Instead, meditate, journal and just sit in stillness as you focus on your ideal clients. Who are they? What do they need? How can working with you change their life for the better? Take time and space (trust me, this is better than rushing and forcing out an idea) to become more understanding of your client and how you are serving them. Put a focus on how you can serve them and what information you can provide now.

Is the thought of marketing stressing you out? Let’s schedule a marketing strategy session. I’d love to learn more about your business and have insight into ways that you can move forward.

No Clear Goals

You may be experiencing marketing burnout because you have no clear goals of what you are trying to achieve. If it feels like you’re just doing the same thing every day…you may be wasting your time!

How to solve this: Going into each activity with a larger goal in mind, and intention, will help you stay more focused and feel more productive. When you know that this blog post you are writing is part of a larger campaign to help new users find your free download, which in turn helps them do X, Y or Z, so that they then want to hire you…well that makes the blog feel more valuable.

Also, go into each article/ blog/post with a clear purpose of how this will help your ideal client and a clear call to action for how they can work with you. (I love using my Marketing Matrix for this.) It can be a soft invite, but be sure to always provide the offer to them.

Just Burnt Out

This feeling can relate to the previous problems as well, but I wanted to address it with its own solution. Ultimately, the burnout feeling is your body sending a message to you. Are you working too hard for long hours? Are you under constant stress, pressure and deadlines?

How to solve this: First, (and most important) is to take time for yourself to feel into these emotions. Your energy is what will attract your clients into your life, so if you are writing marketing content from a negative space, that is what you are putting out into the world.

Take a break, a walk, or do some quick exercise to get yourself into a more positive space. Every time you sit down to write, or go out to a networking event, do something positive or inspiring to pump yourself up and go in with your highest vibration.

Does all of this still seem overwhelming? This might be the time in your business where you are ready to get help. Maybe you just need an outside mind helping to brainstorm ideas and topics, or maybe you just want to pass it on to an expert so that you can focus on running your business and providing to your clients. I invite you request a free marketing consultation to ask your questions, gain insight on moving forward and see how I work.


How to Grow Your Business and Get More Clients During COVID-19 & Social Distancing

empty San Francisco city streets from COVID-19

empty San Francisco city streets from COVID-19With social distancing practices, almost all businesses have been affected in some way. With repercussions ranging between a full business shut-down, to working remotely from home or to changing their way of delivering their product or service, no one has escaped unscathed. So, what can you do to keep your business growing when there is such a drastic change in our way of lives?

  • Mindset
  • Current Clients
  • Pivot Your Business
  • Explore New Marketing Tactics
  • Look for New Clients

Do You Believe You Can Grow?

The first thing you must ensure is that you know there is still a functioning economy and that business is still going; there is a need for your services. The economy is still in motion, just in a different way of life than we are used to. You must approach this situation with an abundance mindset rather than a scarcity mindset.

How do you do this? It sounds simple but simple does not always mean easy. Your beliefs are deep-seated and created through your life so it can take time and thought (and outside help) to create the beliefs that will help you move forward.

Know that there are opportunities available & make a list of all the ways you could bring money in RIGHT NOW. Get creative and don’t just focus on your current business services – what are ways that you can create income by yourself and your skills. Let’s explore this together and ensure that you are steering your business with the right mindset.

Reach Out To Your Clients

The first thing you want to do is reach out to your existing client base. If you need to adjust your business practices, let them know via email or even a call if it that is best.

In addition, you may want to update your website to address new practices or to address COVID-19 in relation to your purchasing process.

Do you now only offer trunk-side drop off or delivery? Are you able to take clients on a virtual tour or meet virtually? Be proactive in letting your clients know how your business is adjusting.

Need some help implementing this? I can update your website or help set up an email system for your to stay in contact with your clients. Message me!

Marketing Tactics

The best thing you can do is go back to basics. Marketing is about helping your clients find your services/products to fulfill their pain or need.

Revisit who your customers are and what is their need at this time. How can you best support them? Is it to continue doing as you have? Or is it time to approach a tried and true situation more creatively.

Is their need for your product or service changing? Is there a greater demand or has it become a non-essential at the moment? Is there a way you can help them realize that it is something they want?

A strong business also has a magnetic message and pipeline that they are taking their leads through as part of their customer journey. Be sure to include nurturing your current leads (and gaining new leads) as an important part of your marketing in this process. These contacts have already expressed interest in your business in one way or another and are some of the lowest hanging fruit in your business pipeline.

Each business is unique, but I get excited exploring the ways that marketing can be applied to your unique situation. Contact me today to discuss how you can pivot your business marketing.

Do You Know How to Pivot Your Business?

We are currently in a time that is forcing us to a new way of living. There is much less physical connection and more online connection. This could mean exploring new ways of reaching your target market online, or adjusting your services to better meet our current style of sheltering in place. This is where you need to get creative.

Are there new ways that you can offer your services? Some businesses are now offering trunk-side delivery or picking up and dropping off right to their customers’ doors.

  • Can you create a digital version of your service?
  • Can you simplify your offering?
  • Can you adjust to meet the demand of the market?


If it isn’t possible to create a new opportunity in your current business, what do you need to do to keep afloat. Does that mean start a different service offering? Or picking up a job to have some stable income while you wait? There is no one right answer, but I am here to help you brainstorm and discuss what could be the best solution for you. Contact me today for a Business Strategy Review.

New Ways to Find Clients

Less people are outdoors and stuck at home means there is more social media usage. With the change in our way of life, there has been a major shift in shopping from hyperlocal and retail based to online again, especially when many of the stores are out of stock. Is there something you can do to make life easier for your clients? Consider where you have been marketing and what has changed in their behavior to change where you are meeting your clients.

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