Marketing and Your Website – The 1 Tip For Business Success

Most business owners would agree that having a website is a vital part of marketing (and even additional sales in) their business. Whether their website is a destination to share their knowledge, build trust with potential clients, or even help with the sales process, it plays a major role in marketing your business.

Why Is Your Website So Important?

Your website is a tool in your marketing program; it is working for you 24/7, can bring you in front of those looking for your services, can help build trust with your potential lead, can turn them into a lead, and more!

If you’re wondering what a lead is, it is someone who you have the contact details of that has shown interest in your service, but has not purchased yet.

With the correct messaging, and with a thorough understanding of your ideal client, you can speak directly to their need and inspire them to take action with you. Whether this is through an offer, a free download, a free challenge, etc., you are giving them something of value to help them better understand their problem. Knowing your ideal clients is the most important step of your marketing, which is why I strongly suggest having your ideal client profiles and even a marketing matrix of their challenges that you solve, filled out thoroughly.

The Correct Messaging For Your Website

People buy because of the way they feel, not from features and benefits that you list, and definitely not from just products and services you offer. Sharing the story of your guidance and processes can help them feel relieved and relaxed to trust you, and also know that you can actually help them with their problems. The Storybrand style of messaging that leads your clients through a journey is just one example of how to do that.

Create a story in your marketing

When you know your client, and understand their challenges, you can empathize and even stand in their shoes. This empathy helps to better address their needs as well. (Not in a manipulative way, but in a way to serve; your intention plays a large role of how well your actions and marketing tactics work.)

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A Website in Progress

Have you ever gone to a website while looking for a solution, whether it was to address the ants crawling through your house, the emergency plumbing leak, researching which tint to put on your vehicle, etc.? How did you select the service provider that you eventually went with? Was it the one that understood your concerns/emergency and offered solutions that made sense? Or was it the one where the information wasn’t clear, their website was hard to navigate. The first one of course!

The 1 Thing

The key to a great website is to create an easy decision-making process for your client.


Help them find a solution and show them you are a trusted expert they can work with.

Looking for ways to improve your website? Schedule a complimentary consultation to review your website and explore ways to maximize your marketing efforts.

What Is A Unique Selling Proposition/Position/Point?


When you are marketing your business, the first thing you must consider is “Why should my client/customer buy from me instead of my competitors?” The answer to this question is your point of difference or Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Also referred to as a Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Position.

Do you differentiate from competitors?
Your unique selling proposition helps you differentiate from competitors. Do you have one?

As I mentioned previously, Why is Marketing Important for Small/Medium Businesses, marketing is about offering benefits for your client/customers, stakeholders and society in general. So consider this, how do you improve the lives of those who buy your product or service?

Other questions to ask to help determine how you want to differentiate your company:

  • What is the one thing you do better than anyone else?
  • What are you known for?
  • What do you WANT to be known for?
  • How would your clients summarize their experience with you?

A Unique Selling Proposition must be bold and strong. It tells your customers exactly what you do or what you offer. It says you the only obvious choice. Your USP should be used in your marketing material as much as possible – it gives your clients/customers the reason to choose you!

Do you have a USP or know what your point of difference is?

There are five main ways to differentiate yourself, what do you do differently?

  • Product
  • Price
  • Process
  • Service
  • Marketing

If you don’t know what your USP is, or if you don’t communicate it clearly, how can your customers know to come to you to fulfill their needs? Contact Designflair today to develop an effective USP and marketing strategy to put you at the forefront of your customers’ minds.