How to Make Your Website Work for You

As a business owner, you know that having a website is vital to your business. But why? What does it do? The Website Challenge Of course, you know that it is the equivalent of hanging your sign on your storefront, but in the digital world. The challenge is, rather than competing with 20 other businesses … Read more

Website Automation – Creating a Successful Client Acquisition Process with Less Work

Have you considered your sales process from the customer angle? I’m sure you have, but have you really thought through the emotions they are going through as they search for your product/service? What about how they feel when they actually make the purchase? The trepidation (or hope) as they first discover you, the excitement as … Read more

3 Steps To Better Website Marketing

There are two ways to improve your marketing on your website and both are extremely important for growing your business through increased clients and sales. 1) Review how you use your website to attract clients (to get leads) 2) Review how you actually market your website (to get traffic) You may be wondering why I … Read more

How Graphic Design Builds Your Small Business’ Reputation

Graphic design is integral to small business marketing. Potential customers and clients respond to visual content and brand experience more and more every year. The style of your graphic design directly tells potential customers about the unique value you offer. Your business’ graphic design quality is a make or break point for how potential customers learn to trust or distrust your business. 

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5 Small Business Website Design Tips to Drive Sales

Whether you are looking for a new website or to update your existing website, the goal of small business website design is to attract more customers and drive sales. It’s an exciting process, and good website design takes into account everything from how your website looks to customers, to how it functions and moves visitors toward a purchase, or toward calling you and setting up an appointment.

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Automotive Online Marketing Essentials: Target Markets vs. Buyer Personas

Automotive online marketing is essential. It’s not just a way to reach new customers, it’s how you drive long-lasting word of mouth business. When potential customers go online to do research about their automotive problems, your business should be right there in front of them to make an impression of professionalism and trustworthiness. But how? 

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Signs I Really Need A New Website? Website Redesign Quiz

A question we often get from our clients is How can I get more customer calls? One way to ensure that potential customers and clients can find you is by having an updated, appealing and compelling website design.

So what does it mean to have a great website? How can you attract customers through your website?

Functional design is a large part of making a great site. In order to grow your business, your website should be easy to navigate so that people searching the web can easily find out more about who you are and what you do. Read about this and other tips in our 25 Website Must-Haves!.

A well-designed site should not only function properly, but also needs a great design layout. The placement of information and elements on your website should be logical and coherent. Important elements like your contact information and the navigation menu should be easy to find. Text should be readable and consistent throughout the site.

A great website is also an ambassador for your brand identity. Having a strong brand identity allows you stand out from competition and reach your target market. This includes your brand voice (the tone of messages), your design elements (color, type, style) and how you interact with your audience. All of these things come into play on your business website, which is why you want to make sure your website is effectively reflecting your business.

A great website allows you to establish your brand identity, reach your target market and grow your business.


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Increasing Business from Yelp: Convert Yelp Traffic Through Your Website

If you’re wondering how to get business from Yelp users, but haven’t received new calls recently, you are not alone. Many of our clients have amazing Yelp reviews but don’t see their Yelp traffic turning into calls.

If you’re unable to convert traffic from Yelp into business leads, it may not be Yelp that is the problem, but your website.


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